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We always look forward to hosting guest artists here at Great Lakes Tattoo and the month of September is a prime example of just that. We have a busy month in store welcoming six guest tattooers to sit in with us from all over the country and Canada.  Each tattooer visiting this month has their own unique style and spin on the tried and true style of American traditional tattooing. Through bright color palettes, black and grey shading techniques and unique designs, the original iconic imagery and design style of tattoos is kept alive while adding modern detail. We are pleased to welcome all of our guest artists to Chicago and Great Lakes Tattoo and look forward to the tattoos they make during their guest spots here at GLT. To book in with any of our guest artists click on their name below to be directed to their instagram. Any other questions can be directed to Great Lakes Tattoo. 

Rob Hamilton traditional snake tattoo

Rob Hamilton

Tattoo Faction, OH


Aug 30- Sept 2

Nate Hudak tradtitional hinge girlhead tattoo

Nate Hudak

Crying heart tattoo, oh


Sept 4-5

Mike Holmes traditional hand tattoo

Mikey Holmes

Coast to Coast Tattoo, NC


Sept 7-9

Chilly Pete traditional black and grey reaper

Chilly Pete
Easy Street Tattoo, WI
GLT Sep 12

Nathan Rohrbacher tradtitional bird tattoo

Nathan Rohrbacher

adventure tattoo, tn


Sept 17-19

Glennie Whittall traditional panther tattoo

Glennie Whittall

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop, Toronto


Sept 29- 30