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Ladies Night flier

We cordially invite you Saturday April 6th from 7-10PM to join us for “Ladies Night” a collection of art from Chuco Moreno and Todd “Noble” Holloway!

They come together at Great State Gallery to showcase their new body of work. The show, titled “Ladies night” is a look into the artistic stylings of two of tattooing’s torchbearers. Within the lexicon of tattooing, the female image has stood the test of time. These images of beauty and symbols of female power, as well as sexuality, have been the main focal point of Chuco and Noble’s careers. Doing what they do best, Chuco brings authentic narrative imagery with exquisite hynas, homegirls, and cholas. Departing from the finer lines of his predecessors, Chuco renders a slightly bolder line and heavier black shading. Chuco’s tattoos and flatwork set a new standard in the cholo style of tattooing. Noble’s approach harnesses the tradition of American tattooing esthetics, crafting lady heads and pin-ups with stripped down finesse and no wasted details to create unique tattoos that set his work apart. Complimentary bar featuring Revolution Brewing and Virtue Cider