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Travel & Happenings

  • February

    • Mario Desa is out of the shop February 12-16

    • Nick Colella is out the shop February 21-23 to tattoo at the Salt Lake City convention

  • March

    • Nick Colella is out of the shop March 9

    • Matt Ziolko is out of the shop March 11

    • Kevin Leary is out of the shop March 29-30



Deadly Prey Gallery returns to GLT in February with an exhibit showcasing hand painted Ghanaian movie posters, sign boards and sculptures.

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Pop up comedy flier

Comedy For Community: A pop-up comedy show on March 22th at 8:00 at Great Lakes Tattoo. All proceeds benefit AG47. AG47 is a multi-generational art collective that provides free art mentorship and programming for youth artists.
Come laugh with Chicago's funniest comics and support arts mentorship and programming for young artists!
Get your tickets here!

Ladies Night flier

We cordially invite you Saturday, April 6th to join us for “Ladies Night” a collection of art from two of tattooing's torchbearers, Chuco Moreno and Todd “Noble” Holloway. Mark your calendars, more details coming soon!