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Come by and check out all of our new flash! We've added over 30 new sheets throughout the shop including several on our front lobby flash wall. All of the flash sheets in the shop are hand painted by our tattooers or are originals painted by tattooers from shops on historic Chicago State St. Our tattooers are happy to tattoo from any of the flash designs whether it be their own or another tattooer's. Big or small, the walls have it all. Our design or yours. Walk ins always welcome! 

American traditional tattoo flash Nick Colella
American traditional tattoo flash Mario Desa
American traditional tattoo flash Erik Gillespie


Eagle devil done by Francesco Giamblanco

Black Horse Tattoo          Rome, Italy      


GLT  May 22-23




Chalice hand by Heather Bailey

                                                         The MartletThunderbird Tattoo LA, CA


GLT May 25-26


Fan tattoo done by Rosie Evans

                                                      MVL Tattoo                     Leeds, UK                       

GLT May 9