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2nd Annual Walk Up Classic

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Second annual convention-style event features 22 world renowned tattooers; takes place March 18th & 19th, opening party and artwork reveal March 17th

For the second year in a row, Chicago's GREAT LAKES TATTOO transforms and challenges the “tattoo convention” status quo with their highly-lauded Walk Up Classic.  A two-day event, the Walk Up Classic features 22 artists from all over North America tattooing designs from flash sheets created specifically for the event, as well as last year’s Walk Up Classic designs and from the extensive collection on the walls at Great Lakes Tattoo, making this a unique and important affair for tattoo collectors and casual fans alike.  Last year, the artists were able to complete over 200 tattoos in two days and this year, they will undoubtedly surpass that.

Between the hours of 11am and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday March 18th and 19th, clients will be able to walk in and select designs to be tattooed the same day - no month-long waiting lists or multiple sittings, no attitudes or egos, just efficient and reliable tattooing in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere - by some of the greatest tattooers in the country.  The artists are available on a first come, first served basis so arriving early is advised.  Additionally, GLT will host an opening party and flash preview the evening of March 17th where clients can choose from designs prepared by all participating artists exclusively for the Walk Up Classic.


When: March 17, 18 & 19, 2017

Opening reception: March 17th from 7pm-10pm

Walk Up Classic Tattooing Hours: March 18th & 19th from 11am-7pm

Where: Great Lakes Tattoo, 1148 W. Grand Ave.  Chicago, IL 60642



Beau Brady (Captured Tattoo - Tustin, CA)

Steve Byrne (Rock Of Ages Tattoo - Austin, TX)

Greg Christian (Tattoo Faction - Cleveland, OH)

Nick Colella (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Mike Dalton (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Mario Desa (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Chip Douglas (Port City Tattoo - Long Beach, CA)

Brad Fink (Iron Age Tattoo - St. Louis, MO / Daredevil Tattoo - New York, NY)

Erik Gillespie (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Tony Hundahl (Rock Of Ages Tattoo - Austin, TX)

Marina Inoue (Traveling Tattooer)

Jen Lawes (Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto, ON) 

Kevin Leary (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Nikki Lugo (Tattoo Paradise - Washington, DC)

Miles Maniaci (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

Angelo Miller (Inksmith & Rogers - Jacksonville, FL)

Mike Rubendall (King's Ave - New York, NY)

Robert Ryan (Electric Tattoo - Asbury Park, CA)

Dan Smith (Captured Tattoo - Tustin, CA)

Scott Sylvia (Black Heart Tattoo - San Francisco, CA)

Glennie Whittall (Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto, ON) 

Matt “Beatdown” Ziolko (Great Lakes Tattoo - Chicago, IL)

GLT’s Walk-Up Classic is sponsored by Jet Black SupplyLucky SupplyOld Standard SupplyTime Tells Pigment & Trendy Tattoo Supply.

Additional sponsors include Dark Matter CoffeeLetherbee DistillersNixonMindy’s Hot ChocolateRevolution Brewing, and Virtue Cider.

* poster artwork by Scott Sylvia.


Allison Attwood