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Robert Ryan The Inborn Absolute

Robert Ryan - The Inborn Absolute - Book Release and Exhibition

A stunning collection of the paintings and tattoos of celebrated artist Robert Ryan


Opening reception August 6th from 7pm-10pm at the Great State Gallery at 1148 W. Grand Ave, show runs through September 3rd

Renowned artist and tattooer Robert Ryan will be releasing his new book, The Inborn Absolute, on August 10th, 2016through Featherproof Publishing. In anticipation of the release, Ryan will head to Chicago for an opening celebration with longtime friends at Great Lakes Tattoo in their Great State Gallery, located at 1148 W. Grand Avenue in Chicago, from 7pm to 10pm on Friday, August 6th.  The exhibition will remain through September 3rd and will be open during Great Lakes Tattoo’s normal business hours, all week long from 12pm to 8pm.


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